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Chronology for the euro salvation

how to get your ex girlfriend back By, in Madrid | Europe has been immersed in a long and complex change process for the last three years. The global currency department at JP Morgan has published a report marking out the path that Europe should be following in the medium and long term. It expects a main scenario in which no country member leaves the euro, but in which…

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Tuesday’s German charts: economic sentiment crashes How to win back your ex euro area's GDP shrinks by -0.3 percent. The survey's results for the whole European Union, understandably, spells pessimism, too: it has fallen from -2.4 to -20.1, due not only to perceptions of the current situation but also to how the medium term looks like. zp8497586rq

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Euro area hourly labour costs rose by 2.0%

Hourly labour costs in the euro area rose by 2.0% in the year up to the first quarter of 2012, compared with 2.8% for the previous quarter, Eurostat reported today. In the European Union, the annual rise was 1.7% up to the first quarter of 2012, compared with 2.7% for the previous quarter. In the euro area, wages and salaries per hour worked grew by 2.0% in the year up to…

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UK businesses go further north far from euro zone’s big economies in distress

LONDON | UK firms are this week seeking new businesses in Baltic States and Finland. The British trade and investment minister, Stephen Green, is in a visit to Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland that began Tuesday, focused on developing trading links with the UK and attracting new investment. Exports of goods and services from the UK to the four countries visited this week totalled more than £3.6 billion in 2010, while…

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Luxembourg, Sweden, Spain were EU main investment recipients in 2011

After significant falls in 2010, European Union foreign direct investment flows more than doubled in 2011, the statistical office Eurostat said on Wednesday. The EU foreign direct investment flows to the rest of the world reached €370 billion in 2011, after having decreased from €316 billion in 2009 to €146 billion in 2010. Foreign direct investment into the EU27 from the rest of the world were at €225 bn in 2011, after having…


Cyprus: the fifth euro bailout would cost less than €4 billion

By Tania Suárez | Vassos Shiarly, minister of Finance in Cyprus, admitted Monday night that his country would urgently need a bailout. The Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times refer to several European officials who have said that this rescue would rise to €3 billion to €4 billio. Shiarly said that “This issue is urgent. We know that the recapitalisation of the banks (in Cyprus) must be finished by June…

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UK tax authorities tighten Liechtenstein’s billion-worth loose end

LONDON | More than 2,400 people have registered to disclose unpaid tax under the Liechtenstein disclosure facility with £363 million already paid in tax bills, the British tax authorities announced Monday. The new legal framework is now expected to bring in up to £3 billion by 2016 based on the current numbers of disclosures. The figures were released as the United Kingdom and the Principality of Liechtenstein prepared to sign a double…

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Don’t cry for me, Germany

By Luis Arroyo, in Madrid | The European common currency has become poisonous for almost everyone else but Germany. Check below a chart coming from the International Monetary Fund, which shows that not even other core euro economies (that is France) have been able to profit as much as Germany. It also renders perfectly understandable why Nicolas Sarkozy lost the general elections and why he did so amid angry voters….


The European banking union is already built-in, can’t you see?

i want you back letter for boyfriend LONDON | The European Commission on Wednesday tumbled and mumbled about the set up of a banking union. Although urgently needed, it would only languish in the corridors, even provided a sudden agreement to push it through could be met. The European Union has no main political door, as it lacks of an executive body directly propped up by a legislative chamber: both…


58pc of the British cooperate with NGOs, just 18pc of Spaniards do

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back By Julia Pastor, in Madrid | Solidarity is one of the feelings that gives more satisfaction to human beings. In some societies, this capacity of putting oneself in the place of another person is more pronounced or more developed. In gross terms, and according to the Spanish Fundraising Association (AFEr, in its original acronym), Spain is not the most supportive country within the European…