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Fractured Europe Map

Integration and disintegration of the EU

BRUSSELS | 80% of the Venetians would support independence. Mario Monti has convened an informal summit about centrifugal forces that most of the EU members are facing. Dangers of the community pax. By Jacobo de Regoyos.

general strike

European Strike November 14

MADRID | Governments throughout Europe should be less confident that ever before about this general strike passing by without further consequences. From Madrid and Lisbon to Athens, the European middle classes are getting more and more restless.

David Cameron1

Is Britain about to alight from the EU?

LONDON | The temptation to leave the battered ship adrift of the European Union increases by the hour in Downing Street, amid the silence of the opposition and the business community. If Brussels and Berlin arouse disaffection among their close partners, what would you expect from London?

messy euro

The European Disunion

Are we there yet? In XTB analyst Miguel Ángel Rodríguez’ opinion, we aren’t even close to get a simple agreement on which to lay the foundations of the much urgent banking and fiscal union for the euro zone. Yet, the picture is becoming clear about what to do next to succeed.

Dutch government

Austerity arrives to The Netherlands

From | Can the Dutch swallow a €15-billion budget cut? Never mind, its the very government cabinet where tensions are beginning to unfold. Their painful discussions will sound familiar to neighbours in the south of Europe.