BBVA Aims To Become The Financial Partner For British SMEs And Freelancers

BBVA aims to become the financial partner for British SMEs and freelancersHeadquarters of BBVA

Holvi, the digital banking startup for freelancers acquired in 2016 by BBVA, has announced its entry into the United Kingdom, the third largest market it has broken into after Germany and Finland.

Holvi already has 200,000 users and also has a presence in Ireland, Belgium, France, Italy and the Netherlands. Its aim is to become the financial partner of British SMEs and freelancers, thanks to its range of digital accounting tools. These allow its customers to save about ten hours per month in administrative and accounting tasks, as they make them more flexible. These include the manual introduction of information on expense sheets and eliminating technical language and complex calculations which are characteristic of tax and insurance management.

In the United Kingdom there are currently about 5.8 million SMEs, representing 99.9% of the country’s business fabric, of which 76% do not have a workforce. For these companies, Holvi wants to be “a true ally,” who offers them “long-term support and allows them to focus on the really important aspects of their business.”