ECB warns Spanish banks to be extra vigilant on defaults due to rate hikes

Spanish Banks

Divacons / Norbolsa | A total of five Spanish banks are in the ECB’s top 20 in terms of assuming lower capital requirements in what is known as Pillar 2 by 2023, according to supervisory data published yesterday by the ECB. According to Alphavale-Divacons, these are Kutxabank, Bankinter, Santander, Caixabank and BBVA. Kutxabank is the Spanish institution that has received the lowest capital ratio for this year in Pillar 2, at 1.20%, the same ratio as in 2022. In the overall ranking, it is the third bank with the lowest requirements, below SFIL (0.75%) and Crédito Emiliano Holding (1%). In fifth position is Bankinter, with 1.29%, while Santander is in 12th position (1.58%), ahead of Caixabank, in 14th (1.65%) and BBVA, in 16th (1.71%).

In this sense, the Norbolsa experts indicate that in the case of BBVA and Santander, the central bank requires them to increase their capital due to the specific risks of their business models. They also add that the ECB is warning Spanish banks to be extra vigilant about defaults due to rate hikes.

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