Puigdemont to Sánchez on Catalonia’s National Day: I won’t forgo unilateralism


Junts per Catalunya (JxCat), the party of Carles Puigdemont reaffirms and, in a statement on the occasion of the Diada (Catalonia’s National Day) that is celebrated today, 11 September throughout Catalonia, says that it has not renounced and will not renounce “unilateralism as a legitimate resource to assert their rights”, as Puigdemont defended in his press conference in Brussels, and that it maintains the legitimacy of the independence referendum held on 1 October 2017.

According to Junts, the Diada is once again a moment to “vindicate perseverance, resilience, unity of action and popular mobilisation” as the tools that will allow the process for independence to culminate.

Junts assures that in October 2017 another step was taken to affirm that political independence is “the only viable way to survive as a nation and achieve the degree of social progress and welfare” that the citizens of Catalonia deserve. “The judicial persecution it has suffered historically and which has intensified in recent years is intolerable and must be reversed in order to normalise what is normal: dialogue, political agreement and democratic principles,” he adds.

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