Sixth increase in steel prices in the US (1.800 $/mt) is proof of strong demand and benefits Acerinox

AcerinoxTrading suspended in Acerinox shares on Aperam merger buzz

Renta 4 | NAS has announced a new price hike in the US, effective from Jan 1, 2022. The amount of the increase is equivalent to 70-80 dollars/mt for the stainless steel in the 300 series.

Valuation: Very positive news for Acerinox (ACX) because it confirms the strength of the demand for stainless steel in the US.

It is also very positive given that it is the first rise of 2022 and the sixth since the start of 2021, after those in January, June, August, September and October. The base prices are now established in the range of 1.750-1.800 dollars/mt, levels not seen since 2009.