The Value Of Mergers And Acquisitions In Spain Rises 190% Through May

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The Spanish transactional market recorded 738 operations in the first four months of the year, 3.8% more than a year earlier, with an aggregate value of 40.706 billion euros, up 190%, according to a report by TTR.

In April alone, 153 mergers and acquisitions were registered between those announced and those closed, for a total amount of 8.242 billion euros.

The real estate sector was the most active of the year, with 151 transactions, followed by the technology sector, with 145.

In the private equity market, 71 transactions worth 3.961 billion euros were recorded, representing an increase of 54.35% in the number of transactions and 33.70% in the amount of transactions compared to a year earlier.

The venture capital market, on the other hand, recorded 176 transactions, with an aggregate amount of 2.226 billion euros, an 18.12% increase in the number of transactions and a 484.11% increase in the amount of transactions.

In the Asset Acquisitions segment, 210 transactions were recorded for an aggregate amount of 3.251 billion euros, representing a 3.67% decrease in the number of transactions and a 13.36% increase in the amount of transactions from a year earlier.

Outside Spain, Spanish companies have chosen the United States as the main destination for their investments, with 23 operations. That said, France is the country that stands out most in terms of amount, with 5.372 billion euros.

On the other hand, the United States and the United Kingdom have made the greatest number of investments in Spain, with 46 and 42, respectively. The former is the most important in terms of amount, with 10.917 billion euros.

Amongst all these transactions, TTR has selected Cellnex Telecom’s acquisition of 60% of Play’s network of sites in Poland for approximately 800 million euros.

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