Election winner Nuñez Feijóo wants to go for the investiture

sanchez feijooPedro Sánchez and Nuñez Feijóo

As the winner of the elections with 136 MPs (compared to the PSOE’s 122), Nuñez Feijóo wants to talk to the PSOE. Cuca Gamarra, Feijóo’s deputy, urges the Socialists and Pedro Sánchez “not to hinder” the PP from giving Spain “a government “with serenity and moderation”, which returns Spanish politics to “seriousness, maturity and responsibility” in order “not to break a series of unwritten rules” which, according to Gamarra, establish that “whoever wins governs; that there is no agreement with those who want to break up Spain; that an amnesty is impossible and that you cannot negotiate with a fugitive from justice”.

While the PP insists that Feijóo deserves the job of forming a government, the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, also of the PP, yesterday expressed her conviction that there will be a government of “Pedro Sánchez, because he has everything agreed”, and that he will take advantage of the holidays to “through the back door, to ensure his permanence”, closing the pacts “with the enemies of Spain”.

However, the Madrid president also pointed out that Feijóo is “in his legitimate right, having won the elections, to try to form a government”, and “nothing prevents him from seeking alternatives to Pedro Sánchez’s project to destroy Spain”. Ayuso sees it as a good thing that her leader “fights for it”.

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