Sustainable financing moved €60,788 million in Spain in 2023, up 1%


Emisores| The sustainable financing market – bonds plus publicly registered credits and loans – in Spain reached a combined €60,788 million in 2023, up 1%, according to the annual report of the Observatorio de la Financiación Sostenible (OFISO).

Green bonds were issued for €15,313 million; €1,502 million in social bonds; €3,300 million in sustainable and €1,100 million in bonds linked to sustainability. The sum of these bonds gives a figure of €21,215 million, 3% lower than in the previous year.

The categories receiving the most bond financing continue to be renewable energies with 31%, followed by sustainable mobility, 27%, and energy efficiency, 20%, although financial institutions continue to promote the energy transition in sectors such as real estate, agriculture, steel, hospitality, automotive, aviation, textiles and fashion.

Green loans linked to sustainable projects and sustainability indicators totalled at least €33,328 million in Spain, with an increase of 11% according to the public data obtained. The €5,300 million sustainable loan macro-operation derived from the refinancing of a loan to Iberdrola stands out.

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