Fugitive Puigdemont amnesties himself: government invents – and includes in the amnesty – terrorism that respects human rights and violates them ‘unintentionally’

PuigdemontCarles Puigdemont

The amnesty law is closed with a legal trick that consists of distinguishing different degrees in the crimes of terrorism. Those accused of this crime will be exonerated if there was no “direct intent” to provoke “serious human rights violations”. This inclusion of terrorist crimes within the perimeter of the amnesty law as long as “manifestly and with direct intent” the terrorists have not caused “serious violations of human rights” means crossing the red line that the government itself had drawn less than a week ago.

As ABC summarises in its editorial: ‘With the inclusion of terrorism in the amnesty, the definition of crimes in Spain has come to depend on the personal interests of Sánchez and Puigdemont.

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