PP knocks back Government’s deficit objectives in Senate


The General Law of Budgetary Stability states that the Government must receive the support of Congress and the Senate for the deficit and debt objectives in order to prepare the Budgets. And since the PP has an absolute majority in the Senate, it has the capacity to reject these budget stability objectives and, therefore, this would prevent the Government from preparing the budgets. And that is what happened this Wednesday in the Senate: the PP has voted against the Government’s stability objectives and has forced vice president María Jesús Montero to rework new ones (it is a month old).    

However, Montero has warned that he will only try once more: if he does not obtain the approval of the Senate, he will prepare the Budgets even though the Law does not allow it. In this way, it does seem that, initially, the Government is going to adjust to article 15 of the General Law of Budgetary Stability, although partially: on the one hand, it is going to remake the budgetary stability objectives, but, on the other, has also warned that whatever the outcome in that second vote, it will prepare the Budgets.

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