Occupy LSE Sunday Quotes’ Fest

We've selected some comments from public remarks published on social websites by demonstrators and observers of this weekend's globalised protests against the financial state of things.


@Izaakson: Occupying the London Stock Exchange twitpic.com/70npad #occupy

Sophie Payne What books on economics should we read? Mises and Hayek? Are we allowed to educate ourselves by reading Keynes or Galbraith? Or even…Marx?

DMReporter PROTEST: Occupy London Stock Exchange protesters vow to give up worldly possessions and close their bank accounts in defiance of capitalism.

Sophie Payne I don't think anyone wants to “impoverish” the people who pay over half our income taxes, but the fact they pay such a large share of the taxes has an obvious answer – they earn too large a share of the money.

nickbilton Occupy Wall Street protests spread around the world: Italy, Belgium, Amsterdam, Germany, London. China: bit.ly/r2LEF

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan More important than demonstrating is bringing the Banks and the Conglomerates down. Murdoch's evil empire certainly qualifies as a Conglomerate. Ben and Jerry are sorry they sold out to Unilever.

Robin Smith We are the 99% who will no longer tolerate the Greed and Corruption of the 1%.

Bruce Fenton Can anyone explain to me why this is not being done at the P

rivate Bank of England, this is where the current crisis stems from. The LSE has nothing to do with the cause of our problems, it is a symptom only.

Francis Tanseco With all due respect to the well-meaning people here but the London Stock Exchange is the wrong target, if you have read the books and watch the documentaries “Money Masters” and “Money as Debt” then you would know for sure that the problem is the Bank of England not the LSX-that is just the mouthpiece you are targeting here.

Barry Turner New York's mayor has strongly-criticised the swelling unrest against the power of Wall Street, saying that if the banks fail more people will lose their jobs. The protests have already cost the city about two million dollars.

Jake Brauer The richest fifth of the population own 84% of the world’s GDP, and the poorest fifth have only 1.4%, that’s the problem.

Sachin Khakharia I think it’s good that you guys are getting people together to address important issues, but please educate yourself about economics and the real reasons for global poverty before you get caught up in this socialist hype which doesn’t require much thinking.

Tonja Simpson How about a Robin Hood Tax for starters? Perhaps the government could also look at clamping down on tax havens. The Guardian reported just this week that a quarter of FTSE 100 subsidiaries are located in tax havens. It is unbelievable that our government has started to address the deficit by penalising the poorest members of society first, when so much could be done 'at the top'. And the fact that bankers were awarded billions of pounds in bonuses again this year was surely going to rub salt into so many of us, considering the size financial hole they have caused. We are saying enough is enough. Until we have a government that does not pander to this sector, this will go on and on.

Matthew Robinson From what I understand your occupation isn't going to plan! FAIL!


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