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Banco Santander fulfills its commitment to shareholders and raises cash dividend by 3%

Santander Adapts Governance to ECB Requests: Cuts Botín’s Executive Functions And Rises CEO’s

Banco Santander held an extraordinary board meeting yesterday afternoon to approve the rebalancing of powers between its executive chairwoman, Ana Botín, and the CEO, José Antonio Álvarez, financial sources told Europa Press. With this decision, Álvarez will report directly to the board of directors and not to Botín, as he has been doing until now. This is a situation requested by the European Central Bank (ECB), so that the entity…

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Santander’s bold move

MADRID | By J.P. Marín Arrese | Santander´s management has provided little explanation for the huge 10% capital increase launched last week. The official announcement vaguely notes the need to seize new opportunities when economic prospects are improving. Can we bet on such a promising outlook when so many uncertainties prevail in Europe? It doesn’t seem very convincing. Rumours on potential take-overs also seem rather odd, as raising cash before entering a bid will only serve to increase the final bill. It makes more sense to gauge this move as a means aimed at buttressing the bank´s own funds.

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Ana Botín replaces Santander’s CEO after only 2 years in the job

MADRID | The Corner | Banco Santander CEO Javier Marín will leave eurozone’s largest lender after only two years in the role. Ana Botín, in charge of the bank after her father Emilio Botín died in September, announced Marín’s replacement by  Jose Antonio Álvarez, who has spent the past decade as CFO. Ana Botín also made several changes to its board of directors. Shares in Santander rose 1.8% to 7.22 euros in Madrid following the announcement.

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Santander’s governance deficit

MADRID | By J.P. Marín Arrese | Only a few hours following the death of former Santander chief Emilio Botín, his daughter Ana Botín was thrust into the spotlight as his replacement. This offered further proof -if it were needed-  of the firm grip on the Board of Directors which the family continues to hold. Its stake, reckoned to stand at less than 1%, has not prevented the swift transition from taking place.

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Cameron Chooses Santander’s Ana Botín to Stir Up the City

MADRID | By Tania Suárez | Ana Botín will now be part of a first level team in David Cameron’s government, which will stand up for Brand London as international financial centre. The Prime Minister has chosen the Spanish businesswoman after her harsh speech on “the culture of pessimism” in Britain.