Andalusia elections


The PP Wins In Andalusia With An Absolute Majority, 58 Seats

Juanma Moreno Bonilla, the leader of the PP in Andalusia, will be able to govern the autonomous community with a comfortable absolute majority (58 seats out of a total of 109) after winning 42% of the vote, more than one and a half million ballots, against a PSOE that won less than one million, 25% of the vote, and 30 seats, three fewer than in the previous legislature. Vox, the…


Andalusian Election Campaign Begins: CIS Gives A Clear Victory To PP

Since 2020, the PSOE has lost in Galicia, the Basque Country, Madrid and Castilla y León, and has only won in Catalonia. The Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas predicts a clear victory for the PP on 19 June, with 35% of the votes for Moreno Bonilla (15% more than 4 years ago), compared to 25% (3% less than 4 years ago) for the new PSOE candidate, Juan Espadas. According to this…