Iberdrola teams up with Axa to develop four offshore wind parks in France

Renta 4 | Iberdrola would have reached an agreement with Axa for the development of four offshore wind farms in France, with a total of 1.750MW. Via the agreement, the French firm would have a minority stake in the event the projects are awarded to Iberdrola in the auctions expected to take place in 2023. The implementation is planned for 2030. Valuation: This is a repeat of the strategy of…


Sunflower seeds, sweets and chewing gum! Insurance, washing machines, investment funds!

Manuel Moreno Capa | Axa, Mapfre, Mutua and other big insurers have spent years settled solidly in the collective investment market, with their powerful fund managers. But today they are taking a step further: as insurers they are confronting what the experts call a structural fall in profits in their traditional business, they want to grow in others, but not only offering funds through their managers, but directly buying parts of the market, in other words other managers who bring their funds and their clients.

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AXA Real Estate: growth across EU due to bank deleveraging, market mispricing

LONDON | AXA Real Estate confirmed Monday that transaction volumes across the full risk spectrum of opportunistic to core have substantially increased in Europe. The real estate portfolio and asset fund was during 2011 a net buyer on behalf of its clients, with acquisitions totalling €2.6 billion, which included €900 million of committed development expenditure, compared to sales amounting to €2.1 billion. The financial management firm was active throughout Europe, in the economically stronger euro…