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Greece is in a league of its own

Morgan Stanley brought up on Friday a clear graph on banking cross assets funded at the European Central Bank liquidity facility or the emergency liquidity assistance tools. One of the conclusions, analysts said, is that “only Greece has experienced a strong bank deposit outflow this year, although it is wo relationship advice rth noting that in Spain and Italy internal capital flows occur, too, towards the soundest and biggest banks.”…

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Monday’s chart: that bank deposit flight

From Afi analysts in Madrid, an investor note came Monday with the picture of that much talked about capital flight from the euro peripheral banking systems in the form of non-financial private sector bank deposits. The variation this year, although somewhat noticeable, has not accelerated and volumes remain above 2010 levels in Portugal, Spain and Italy. Greece, on the other hand, shows a seemingly non-stoppable drop since 2009. All in…