Italy: The burdensome legacy of Il Cavaliere

ROME | By Barbara Spinelli at La Repubblica via Presseurop | Silvio Berlusconi has been expelled by his peers from the Senate and stripped of his immunity in a long-awaited vote on November 27. Despite no longer being in Parliament, Il Cavaliere has indelibly left his mark on this era and society, writes Barbara Spinelli.

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Berlusconi out of Parliament

ROME | By La Stampa via Presseurop | The Senate voted to strip Silvio Berlusconi of his senator’s seat on November 27 following his conviction for tax fraud in August, reports La Stampa.

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Ciao, Berlusconi, Ciao

MADRID | By Tania Suárez | Angelino Alfano, Berlusconi’s deputy and secretary of People of Freedom, defied “Il Cavaliere” and urged the party to unite behind Prime Minister Enrico Letta on Wednesday. It seems the end of Berlusconi’s political leadership is nearer now that all five ministers from the PDL are stepping down. But he won’t leave without a fight.


Berlusconi ‘propels us towards chaos’

ITALY | Via Presseurop | Italy is in the midst of a political upheaval after the September 28 resignations of five ministers from the coalition government led by the Democratic Party’s Enrico Letta. Silvio Berlusconi’s decision to ask his ministers to resign is criticised by nearly all the country’s press.

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Berlusconi and the blackmail of a nation

By Tim Parks via Presseurop | ‘Vote me out of jail, or I will bring the country down with me’. This is the message Il Cavaliere has just sent to the Italian government, ahead of a Senate decision on whether he will lose his seat after being convicted of tax fraud. Such blackmail speaks volumes about the state of Italy in 2013, says British writer Tim Parks.


Berlusconi, Bárcenas and Angela Merkel

By Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, analyst at XTB | For all the noise these scandals bring about, the pressure on Merkel should not abate. The eurozone needs that Germany relaxes its stand on public investment cuts, and efficient measures to deal with sovereign debt should be agreed by core country members.

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Italy in a coma

In his documentary “Girlfriend in a coma”, the former editor of The Economist Bill Emmott analyses the reasons for Italy’s insurmountable resistance to the necessary changes and reforms. An attitude it shares with many European countries, it partly explains why Silvio Berlusconi wants to get back in business.

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Why, Berlusconi, why?

The resignation of Italy’s Prime Minister, announced on December 7, has caused some concern in Italy and abroad. But in the face of Silvio Berlusconi’s attempt to exploit social unrest, what other path was open to a technocratic government that has made such an effort to rehabilitate the country?

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What the Italian media says about Berlusconi's vows

Il Sole 24 Ore “We are at the center of the world's storm, but we can quickly recover. Italy today needs international credibility; it needs people who know the language of markets and of States and who know how to speak to Countries of the euro area but also to Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Obama's United States as well as to the “new rich” countries of the world, starting…