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How much money will Bernanke receive as advance for his book?

SAO PAOLO | By Marcus Nunes | Let´s see. For his memoirs as Fed Chairman Greenspan pocketed 8 million from Penguin. Given PCE inflation Bernanke should get at least 9 million from the same editor. But Bernanke´s book is worth more. Greenspan presided over the Great Moderation. Great Moderations don´t give rise to dramas as does a Great Recession (Lesser Depression).

Bernanke is wanting2

Bernanke has been found wanting

SAO PAULO | By Marcus Nunes | According to Alan Goolsbee, as Mr. Bernanke prepares to depart at the end of January and the Fed has initiated the exit-strategy countdown with the start of tapering, it is time to take stock of the QE Era—and time for the critics to admit they were wrong.


Bernanke and the “Big Black Hole”

SAO PAULO| By Marcus Nunes|When the Fed ‘forgets’ its function of keeping overall nominal stability you may get different instabilities. If, as in the 1960s, it becomes mostly concerned with unemployment the result will be rising inflation.

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Welcome, Mr Tapering!

MADRID | By Luis Arroyo | This week is tapering week, and we will see the Fed’s first step towards a reduction of the quantitative easing. There is consensus about what the economic data show: every single indicator (except inflation) are more and more vigorous.

John Taylor

FED: If John Taylor can repeat himself, why can´t I?

SAO PAULO | By Marcus Nunes | When Bernanke took the Fed´s helm the gap had been closed. What happened going forward, in particular the complete loss of nominal stability in 2008, which made the financial crisis immensely more severe, is the doing of the Bernanke Fed.


Is the Fed also waiting for Draghi?

Ben Bernanke is not taking the wallet out of his pocket, at least not yet. The Fed will first assess July and August US unemployment reports and also “financial developments”, as it said in a statement at the conclusion of a two-day meeting in Washington. Meaning what? Meaning financial stability in Europe, which is one of US main concerns. We’ll have to wait until September, but there are some hints…

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Bernanke’s speech on Europe: reading the tea leaves

NEW YORK | Federal Reserve’s chairman Ben Bernanke attended his semi-annual monetary policy report to Congress on Tuesday and Wednesday, insisting that the Fed remains in close contact with European authorities but the alarms of spillover are still on. “I don’t think they [Europe leaders] are close to having a long-term solution that will solve the problem and until they find those long-term solutions, we’re going to continue to see…