The Battle Lines Are Drawn for Alibaba and Tencent

China: The Battle Lines Are Drawn for Alibaba and Tencent

BEIJING | By Zhu Yishi at Caixin | The war between the country’s two Internet giants, Tencent Holding and Alibaba Group, in the mobile Internet arena has escalated. The Internet giants enter the mobile Internet industry with different strengths but a similar determination to come out on top.


Getting China’s Challenges Right

What really makes China anxious about reforms is not a fall on exports, but it’s incapability to continue absorbing the expensive investments that for years triggered miraculous growth. Could be China making the same mistakes than in 2008? Could the country be falling into the investment trap again? Among many other issues, the Central Committee of the Communist Party agreed on markets playing a greater role in allocating resources. This and other decisions suggested a less interventionist model where the private sector should have a greater role. The new leadership doesn’t have many options left.

Energy Industry in China

Plenum Document Gives Experts in Energy Industry Reason for Hope

BEIJING | By Pu Jun via Caixin | Party’s intention to let market set certain prices seen as creating room for progress to be made in areas like electricity reform. References in a document released after a major meeting of Communist Party leaders to letting market forces set certain prices have given experts hope that progress on electricity-industry reforms can be made.

China into the artic

China into the Arctic

MASSACHUSETTS | By Richard N. Cooper via Caixin | As ice cover yields to global warming, many countries are eying a range of economic benefits, but they may be harder to attain than imagined.