Our Green Future: Is It All About the Money?

Oliver Matikainen | Finance has always been a key issue at the UN’s Conferences of the Parties, and a sticky one at that. In this sense, COP26, held in Glasgow, Scotland, in November, was no different. Climate finance is key because it cuts across all other issues. One of the big things to come out of COP26 was the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero, that aims to align private capital with science-based targets to finance the investment in a net-zero economy.


Neither The G20 Nor COP26 Make Conceivable Proposals For Credible Decarbonisation

Luis Alcaide | In Rome, at the G20 meeting, the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi was confident about the success of the conference: “We put coal behind us”. Nothing of the sort. The headlines in the previous editions of the Hungarian press on 1 November read: “Scarce coal restrictions leave a big gap”. A big difference. The leaders of the 20 major economies of the planet have agreed to “halt…