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Copper is still a useful indicator for forecasting the US economy

The Incredible Falling Copper Price

Justin Irving | Copper futures have been tanking of late, sinking from of $3.32 per pound on June 8th, to $2.7 per pound on July 19th, a 19% drop. This drop has largely undone the prices gains the commodity had accrued following the general rise in asset prices in November 2016. Predictably, the financial press have raised the alarm about “Dr.Copper” foretelling a slowing US economy.

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Are copper prices signalling an improvement in global manufacturing?

The Corner | May 19, 2015 | Copper prices were back above $6,300/t in April for the first time in 2015. Since this commodity is used in so many industries, it is crucial to know if this move will be sustained and send a positive signal to global manufacturers or it is only driven by a speculative market.