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Deutsche Bank issues its first €15 billion in bonds, mortgage notes in Spain

MADRID |Deutsche Bank changed its financing strategy by registering a fixed income prospectus in Spain for the first time in history, as reported by the Spanish journal Expansión. The German entity will issue mainly bonds and mortgage notes for an amount of €15 billion, according to the initial information document, which has been sent to the Spanish Securities Exchange Commision or CNMV. Sources at the bank said that “this decision proves…

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“German banks’ capital needs over €9.5bn vs EBA’s €5bn estimation”

Julia Pastor, in Madrid | The European Banking Authority (EBA) this week revised its figures about recapitalisation volumes needed in the EU institutions. Banco Santander analysts say that “speculations about the German banks are circulation. They may have to increase capital by the amount of €9.5bn instead of the €5bn initially estimated by the EBA.” Also, the Santander note reminded us that European banks are still carrying out liability management…