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MADRID | May 17, 2015 | By Luis Arroyo | Against all odds, the Dodd-Frank law is working reasonably well, says Krugman. It was enacted by the US Congress in order to avoid another financial crisis like the one in 2008. The economy is divided between those who agree with Krugman that the blame for the disaster was deregulation initiated in the 1980s, with neocons getting power, and those who still believe (or say they believe) that markets are efficient.

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What’s the Deal: How to Make the Financial System Safer

WASHINGTON | Via The Next New Deal | Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mike Konczal (@rorytomb) explains why banks need higher capital standards to prevent another collapse, how much could they fund themselves through equity and the challenges ahead the U.S. financial reform such as the Dodd Frank Act’s progress, inequality and CEO pay.

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Who are the Real Winners From Complex Financial Regulations?

Former Irish Prime Minister John Bruton believes the response to the financial crisis has been ever more complex financial regulations. For him, that is a mistake, since they carry huge economic costs, divert talent, time and money away from productive activity and don’t make the European economy more competitive.