Alibaba’s big deal

BEIJING | By CaixinE-commerce giant Alibaba Group’s huge initial public offering in New York has stirred the market. Raising US$ 25 billion in total after the company and some of its shareholders sold extra shares, Alibaba’s IPO now ranks as the biggest ever.

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Alibaba Continues Net Video Spree by Starting Production Firm

BEIJING | By Liu Ran via Caixin | E-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd. has taken another step forward in the online video business by establishing a video production business. China Vision Media Group Ltd., which is 60 percent owned by Alibaba and listed in Hong Kong, registered Alibaba Pictures Group Ltd. in Hong Kong on April 3, a source who works at Alibaba said. The legal representative of the new company is Dong Ping, the chairman of China Vision.

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“Bitcoin makes e-commerce much easier than credit cards”

NEW YORK | An encrypted virtual currency traded over the Internet that can be purchased through online exchanges using real money. Four years ago bitcoin seemed like sci-fi but today it is already a 1-billion-dollar market. And many businesses are accepting it as a payment currency. Anthony Gallippi is CEO of BitPay, an Atlanta based Payment Service Provider (PSP) specializing in eCommerce, B2B, and enterprise solutions for virtual currencies. He explained to The Corner how BitPay enables companies to jump on the bitcoin bandwagon.

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BitCoin Frenzy: Revolution or Fraud?

MADRID | By Javier Flores (Asinver) | For some, BitCoin is a bubble, even a pyramidal fraud. For others it’s the future of a free market economy. Worst case scenario, BitCoin could be a bubble, even a scam like Afinsa and Forum Filatélico, the two stamp ponzi schemes that imploded in Spain some years ago. 16,000 people lost their savings.


Meet the 2020 Chinese consumers: they will transform their economy

BEIJING | By the year 2020, private consumption will account for a 45% of the GDP (33% in 2010) becoming the main driver of growth of the Chinese economy. This significant increase will be due to a change in consumption patterns, as it is noticed in a report recently released by McKinsey consultancy group “Meet the 2020 Chinese consumer”. But how to fit consumption into the busy schedule of the ideal…