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The EBA proposes modifying stress tests

The EBA Proposes Modifying Stress Tests

The new European Banking Authority (EBA) proposal will be analysed and discussed by the parties involved up until April 30, with a public discussion session on February 21. It will give banks more room for manoeuvre in the calculation of their projections. That said, the agency has insisted standards will have to remain high. The banks will have to continue detailing capital requirements, major risk factors or exposure data.


Spanish banks capital ratio better than Germany’s

MADRID |By José Luis Marco at CapitalMadrid | Germany or the Troika, that for some already begins to be the same thing, may have their doubts about the level of funding of the Spanish banks and the process of consolidating their balance sheets. However, according to objective data, German main private banks capital ratios are far below those of Spanish leading financial groups.