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Parliament committee asks Spain to disclose how much money has actually reached the economy

The European Parliament is urgently demanding information from the Spanish government and the European Commission. The long-awaited report of the European Parliament’s Committee on Budgetary Control, which visited Spain this past February to audit the use of EU funds in our country, is about to be published. The draft report details the main conclusions of this visit and describes the meetings held with the different agents and members of the…

european parliament

EU elections: Highest turnout in 40 years and a golden chance for Spain

Ana Fuentes | In Spain, the results have been very markedly pro-European and the Socialist Party is the one that will contribute the most MEPs in Strasbourg. For some analysts, it is a golden opportunity that the government of Pedro Sánchez should take advantage of to increase the Spanish weight in the decisions, instead of having to be always subordinated to the Franco-German axis.

MEP Ramón Jáuregui

“We all know that unanimity is the thorn in the side of the European Union”

Ana Fuentes (Strasbourg) | Where should the EU look in the future? What are the priorities? At a time of rapid change, protectionism and nationalist populism, the European Parliament has approved a document of minimums called The Future of Europe. As inevitably happens in such plural institutions, it is neither binding nor completely satisfies anyone, but sets out the challenges the still 28 members have to confront together if the European project is not to diluted. We discuss it with Ramón Jáuregui, socialist MEP and rapporteur of the text.

Brexit is not about compromise

Why Brexit Could Pave The Way To A ‘Stronger and Better Europe’

George Soros via Caixin | Europe’s leaders must seize the moment to push forward reforms that can reshape the EU into an organization that people want to be a part of. Until the British public voted to leave the European Union, the refugee crisis was the greatest problem Europe faced. Indeed, that crisis played a critical role in bringing about the greater calamity of Brexit.

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Fresh doubts about economic cohesion at the European parliament

BRUSSELS | By Alexandre Mato | The EU parliament needs to reinforce its economic policy co-ordination to achieve a common fiscal consolidation between Member States. These are the main tasks facing Jean-Claude Junker and his team in the months ahead. EU policymakers must now chart a cohesive strategy to combat growing policy divergences in Eurozone member states. 


EURO ELECTIONS: Germany will win, no matter what -but does it care?

BERLIN | By Alberto Lozano | The upcoming EU elections (May 22-25) arrive in a moment of enormous challenges for the Union. What happens in the next months can change definitely the political and economic landscape. Again, Germany plays the main role with its 67 million of voters and the two ‘frontrunners’ supported by the two big parties from the German Coalition. However, 72% of its citizens have low or no interest in the polls.

Monetary Union: Single Resolution Mechanism

Does the SRM mean the end of an era?

MADRID | By The Corner | The European Parliament is giving green light to the Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM) this week for ailing banks as well as the €55 bn fund to finance bankrupcies and restructurings. Amid claims that the Euro zone’s banking sector is now safer and better supervised, some international lawmakers point out that banks are still weakly capitalized. “Europe should be careful no to make promises that it won’t be able to hold afterwards,” they say.