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The Spanish And Italian Banks Are The Least Capitalized, With A CET1 FL Of 11.9% And 13% Respectively

Santander Corporate & Research | Yesterday, the European Banking Authority published its 2020 transparency exercise, which takes data from individual banks at end-2019. The EBA’s findings indicate that the EU weighted average CET1 fully loaded capital ratio stood at 14.8% in Q4’19. Also yesterday, the European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB) published a second set of measures adopted in response to the coronavirus emergency, which include a recommendation to restrict capital distributions until January 2021.


The End Of The Zero Risk Weight For Sovereigns?

BBVA Research | A significant review of the prudential treatment of sovereign risk , as a result of which it may lose its privileged status of zero risk weight, has started at a global level. The Basel Committee is already working on this issue, but no formal outcome is expected before the second half of 2016. In Europe, this topic is beginning to gain importance although no measure s are expected in the short term.