Europe’s immigration

France needs to protect workers not jobs

“We Need To Protect Workers, Not Jobs”

Emmanuelle Auriol, member of the board of the European Economic Association at the University of Toulouse, is well-known in France for her polemic proposals. She believes, and this is very important for France, for its identity and the social consensus we have established, “that we need to protect the workers, not the jobs. Because if we try to protect the jobs, prohibit lay-offs, what happens is that there is more unemployment in the end.”

Europe's immigration

Norwegian Immigration and Europe’s Swiss Dilemma

At first glance, Norway and Switzerland seem to have much in common. Both are prosperous alpine nations with relatively small populations (5.1 million and 8 million), while they also have some of the lowest unemployment levels in Europe (3.6% and 3.5%). In fact, both nations are enjoying tremendous success amid turbulent economic times. Norway , however, will not seek to emulate Switzerland’s policy on immigration quotas.