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Consensus remains optimistic, expecting +1.3% for Euro Stoxx 600 EPS.

Santander Corporate & Investment : First serious test for credit markets. After the several buckets of cold water coming from the Fed and the ECB since Jackson Hole, the last one in mid-December, here comes a new test for the markets. And especially in the US in view of the 50bp cut still expected for 2H23. And with the equity market still not clear on the S&P500, with 70% of…

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Euro Stoxx 600: Earnings Per Share Up 90%.

T.C. | The quarterly corporate earnings season is now in its final phase, both in Europe and on Wall Street. And the season can be described as excellent, with most companies outperforming analysts’ expectations and being very positive about the future of their businesses. So far, 91% of the S&P500 has reported, with 77% of companies beating market estimates in Revenues, (+12.9% vs +8.6% expected by the consensus). Meanwhile, 87%…

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57% of firms in the Eurostoxx 600 had a positive earnings surprise

Unigestion | With the third quarter earnings reporting season behind us and investors looking at what’s ahead for equities, it is helpful to distinguish between short-term and longer-term factors. Over the short term, the context for stocks looks supportive, if perhaps less so than it did a couple of months back. However, pressures are building that may become significant headwinds for some firms.