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BF warns again about retail distribution conflicts of interest

F.R. Better Finance (BF), the European organisation representing, through national associations, four million EU retail investors, has once again drawn attention to the “problem of conflicts of interest in the distribution of retail investment products” – including sales commissions paid by providers to distributors – at the meeting of the Governmental Expert Group on Retail Financial Services convened by the European Commission (EC). BF also pointed out the shortcomings of…

How Libra can reduce the regulatory burden by delegating the issuance of stablecoins to qualified partners

How Libra Can Reduce The Regulatory Burden By Delegating The Issuance Of StableCoins To Qualified Partners

Yoni Assia, Johannes Rude Jensen and Omri Ross (E-Toro) |  With direct access to 2.7 billion users, many of whom do not have access to conventional financial services, the Libra project presents a unique opportunity for innovation in the financial services. Nevertheless, we believe the launch strategy pursued by the Libra Foundation neglects a vital implication of the technology: Decentralization.


The City is having a good time as some of the worst risks over the euro area ease

LONDON | The volume of business in the financial services sector grew for the eighth quarter running and at well above the average pace in the three months to March. A CBI/PwC Financial Services Survey reported this week green shoots in the City, with the first rise in optimism among financial services firms (+32%) in a year and an unexpected increase in employment in the sector (a balance of +19%). Ian McCafferty, CBI…