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Spain's technology deficit could reach €21.078 billion

Regulating the Fast-Changing Fintech Landscape

Sonia Katyal | Countries around the world, including India, are sponsoring initiatives like innovation hubs to stay on top of and engender tech-driven progress on desirable lines. That should ultimately lead to enriching financial lives across the world and perhaps even open the gates for poverty reduction strategies that were hitherto not imaginable. Such is the promise of the financial revolution that lies ahead if the regulatory waters are navigated well.


The Pending Issue Of Fintech Regulation: A Risk Or A Benefit For The Banks?

José Luis M. Campuzano (Spanish Banking Association) | Without doubt, banks can benefit in the medium and long-term from those companies which the term “fintech” encompasses. And competition in the short-term, particularly in the segments of payments and loans, is a small price to pay considering the synergies and the revitalising effect for the banks of being digitally closer to the client.