foreign direct investment

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Luxembourg, Sweden, Spain were EU main investment recipients in 2011

After significant falls in 2010, European Union foreign direct investment flows more than doubled in 2011, the statistical office Eurostat said on Wednesday. The EU foreign direct investment flows to the rest of the world reached €370 billion in 2011, after having decreased from €316 billion in 2009 to €146 billion in 2010. Foreign direct investment into the EU27 from the rest of the world were at €225 bn in 2011, after having…


Direct investment in Spain increases for the second year in a row

By Carlos Díaz Guell, in Madrid | Global foreign direct investment flows in 2011 increased by 17% year on year, recovering pre-crisis levels. Spain also regained investment flows into equity last year, with a rise in total net investment (total minus divestiture) of 18.2% year on year that reached 1.8% of GDP. Some aspects of this foreign direct investment figure in Spain are worth commenting. For instance, the growth rate was positive…