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“The defaults are not the tsunami that was expected, it is a tide that is slowly rising”

Explains Fernando Salazar, President of CESCE, the Spanish Export Credit Insurance Company, in an interview with Fernando Rodríguez. Q- How does a company like CESCE, which operates in many countries, view the geopolitical risk map? A- Geopolitics is currently setting the economic agenda, as the world is in great turmoil; there is no region, not even Europe, that is free. We see the rise of populism, parliamentary fragmentation, social instability,…

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Spain: Foreign Trade Doing Well Enough

Luis Alcaide (Capital Madrid) | Spanish exports increased in June by 29.3% when compared with May and even higher when compared with March. However, in year-on-year terms, foreign sales fell by 9.2% compared with June 2019. We are still far from the figures before the coronavirus hit, but they mark an improvement when compared to the ones of the three months prior to June 2020, the period of confinement. On the other hand, in terms of purchases from the rest of the world, imports are also up on the previous months, confirming a recovery in demand. However, in year-on-year terms, imports fell by 20%. So in this import-export game, Spain’s traditional trade deficit turned into surplus in June.

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Wednesday’s graph: the pain of Spanish SMEs spells pain in France, Germany

Although the difficulties that the Spanish small and medium sized companies experience to access finance showed signs of very soft relief, the figures were bad. The latest survey on SMEs in the euro zone offered a stark picture of small companies in Spain suffering the worse end of the credit crunch, as a consequence of a weak domestic market. In contrast, Spain’s corporations are able to weather the crisis thanks…

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China’s foreign debt grows by 27% but “it’s safe,” say officials

China’s foreign debt totaled $697.16 billion at the end of September, a rise of 27 percent over the figure at the end of 2010, according to the foreign exchange regulatory officials of the Asian country. The short term debt accounted for 72.81 percent of the total, amounting to $507.63 billion, underlines the State Administration of Foreign Exchange on its official website. In addition, the institution explained that 75.81 percent of…