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Investment In Clean Energy To At Least Triple In The Next Decade To Stay On Track To Limit Global Warming

JP Morgan | This week saw the start of COP26 – the 26th Conference of the Parties – where world leaders from nearly 200 countries will review the climate commitments made in the 2015 Paris Agreement. As we discussed in our recent post, What can we expect from COP26 and what will it mean for investors, securing the finance needed for the energy transition will be a key part of…

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Some Like It Hot – The True Beneficiaries Of Global Warming

Stephan Eugster (Vontobel) | The energy requirements of the building sector for indoor climate control are increasingly becoming the focus of European sustainability efforts. Companies that can supply energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions for buildings will be able to benefit from this new push by the EU. The Swedish company NIBE is one of the pioneers in this field. The company’s “Climate Solutions” division, of which heat pumps are a part, accounts for 74% of the company’s revenues.

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Why Trade and the Environment Need Each Other

Allan Bollard via Caixin | Concerns about the impact of global trade and growth on environmental protection and sustainability, and vice versa, are longstanding and not without cause. Yet, the advancement of these 21st century priorities is not an either/or proposition. To the contrary, they can and must go hand in hand.

China into the artic

China into the Arctic

MASSACHUSETTS | By Richard N. Cooper via Caixin | As ice cover yields to global warming, many countries are eying a range of economic benefits, but they may be harder to attain than imagined.