With 65% of debt at a fixed rate and maturities in 2025, Grifols’ gearing could drop to 4.9x in 2023, 3.8x in 2024

Morgan Stanley | After a series of acquisitions Grifols’ debt has increased to 10 billion euros (7xND/Ebitda). That said, with 65% of debt at a fixed rate and maturities in 2025, we expect gearing to drop to 4.9x in 2023 and 3.8x in 2024 (thanks to a recovery in profits). However, in the short term, with limited ways to reduce gearing, this is going to put pressure on the stock….


Víctor Grifols retires as non-executive chairman; Steven F. Mayer named successor

Renta 4 | On Monday afternoon, after the Spanish market closed, Grifols announced that Víctor Grifols had retired as non-executive chairman, after 50 years in the company, including more than 30 as CEO. In his place, the Spanish manufacturer of blood plasma-based products has appointed Steven F. Mayer as new executive chairman. Mayer has been a member of Grifols’ board for over 10 years. He also has extensive experience in…


S&P cuts Grifols rating, while Fitch, Moody’s leave unchanged; the company reaffirms business plan

Bankinter | S&P has cut Grifols debt rating, while Moody’s and Fitch leave theirs unchanged. The board issues a statement reaffirming business plan. The updated ratings are: S&P B+ (previous BB-); Moody’s B1; Fitch BB-. S&P highlights that the process of debt reduction could go slower than forecast amid difficult market conditions. It has maintained its outlook at Neutral. Both Moody’s and Fitch flag Grifols’ market positioning, its integrated business model,…


Grifols warns recovery could be threatened; puts the brakes on acquisitions and suspends dividends

Link Securities | The daily made echo on Monday of a risk report Grifols presented to the US regulator SEC. In the document, the Spanish multinational pharmaceutical company admitted the recovery could be threatened by the pressure from a competition which has increasingly more resources and already offers solutions similar to those of the listed Catalan firm. Grifols warns in the report that its rivals are tough: “Our main competitors…


Grifols could be negotiating €2 B capital hike; debt rose to 5.4x NFD/Ebitda end-2021

Bankinter | Grifols could be negotiating a 2 billion euros capital hike (c. 18% of its current capitalisation) with various funds. The objective is to cut its debt which is equivalent to 6.9x EBITDA, according to a daily newspaper. Grifols’ share price took a hit this morning on the IBEX 35, falling as much as 13%. Bankinter analyst team’s view: Negative news. If this rumour is correct, the capital increase…


Grifols reclassifies balance sheet, reducing capital by 830 M€; considers GIC’s investment in Biomat as debt, upping this to €6.480 Bn

Renta 4 | After an internal audit by KPMG of Grifols affiliate Biomat, it has been deemed necessary to reclassify the firm’s balance sheet, considering (Singapore Sovereign Fund) GIC’s capital injection in the subsidiary as debt. This means that at end-2021, the company’s financial debt will rise to 6.480 billion euros from 5.828 billion, after including GIC’s 800 million euros investment in Biomat. Following this reclassification, Grifols capital has been…


Grifols will use the funds from GIC to cut its debt; meanwhile other payment commitments have been generated

Renta 4 | Grifols (GRF) and GIC have obtained the relevant regulatory authorisations to allow The Sovereign Wealth Fund of Singapore to go ahead with its investment to buy 23.8% of Biomat for 990 million dollars. Grifols will, of course, still maintain operating control of the company, as well as access to the recovered plasma in the over 300 plasma donation centres Biomat has in the United States. The funds…

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Grifols To Launch A Takeover Bid For Germany’s Biotest At €1.6 Bn

Grifols and Tiancheng Pharma, the main shareholder of Germany’s Biotest, have agreed that Grifols will buy Biotest with the aim of increasing its plasma collection capacity. Tiancheng Pharma owns 89.9% of Biotest’s ordinary shares and 1.1% of the preferred shares. The consideration of €1.6 Bn for the 100% of Biotest will be paid in cash and represents a premium of 23%.