Grifols Buys Assets In The US And Canada For $460 M

Grifols makes a significant investment to become the only large-scale commercial manufacturer of plasma products in Canada, with a fractionation capacity of 1.5 million liters/year.The operation aligns with Grifols’ commitment to helping countries reach self-sufficiency of life-sustaining plasma-derived medicine. The acquisition includes 11 collection centers in the United States

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Grifols reaches agreement in the US to seek anti-Covid19 therapy

After announcing that the United States considered it “basic infrastructure” in the coronavirus health emergency, Grifols has signed a multilateral collaboration agreement in that country with the U.S. Advanced Biomedical Research and Development Authority (BARDA), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other federal public health agencies. The objective will be to collect plasma from patients who have recovered from Covid-19, process it and produce hyperimmune immunoglobulins.

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Trump Declares Grifols’ Centres To Be Essential Infrastructures

US President Donald Trump has reportedly declared Grifols’ donation centers and fractionation plants to be essential infrastructures. So their activity would be guaranteed in the face of a possible economic slowdown. The US is the country where Grifols has most of its fractionation plants and plasma donation centers (more than 92% of the 300 centers it operates). 


Grifols: 35% revaluation in 2019 Vs IBEX35 9%

José Benito de Vega | Grifols has had a very positive stock market performance in 2019, with a 35% revaluation compared to 9% of the IBEX35. The positive evolution of its results, its powerful cash flow generation and debt reduction, together with its potential growth thanks to a treatment for Alzheimer’s that is under study, explain the good behavior of the stock.


Grifols: Sustainable top line growth and margin expansion

BofAML | We reiterate Buy on Grifols A&B for durable double-digit EPS growth driven by strong global plasma market position. Margin expansion is returning as plasma cost stabilises. AMBAR study in Alzheimer’s disease; may increase IG/Albumin demand through off-label use.


Grifols Offers Hope Of A Treatment For Alzheimer

On Friday Grifols presented the results of its AMBAR (Alzheimer Management by Albumin Replacement) (phase IIb/III) study in Barcelona. AMBAR is an innovative possible treatment based on the therapeutic properties of plasma which has shown, statistically significantly, its effectiveness in slowing the progression Alzheimer in moderately affected patients.


Grifols Defends Itself: US Demand Will Remain Solid

Last week Grifols received a negative recommendation from the global broker UBS, referring to the potential negative impact the commercialisation of a new alternative treatment for autoimmune diseases could have on its sales of intravenous immunoglobin.