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French construction sector reduces by 0.4% the GDP growth in 1H14

MADRID | The Corner |Besides naming the reshuffle of his Government, after a dispute over hauling the economy out of stagnation caused his government’s collapse, François Hollande has also committed to announce this week a package of measures to revive the economy, including specific stimulus for the construction activity, especially affected in terms of employment by a law to regulate the real estate market precisely adopted at the beginning of his term. It is estimated that construction activity in France represents about 8% of GDP and 1.2 million jobs.

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France’s 19th Century Foreign Policy Fails in 2014

President Francois Hollande faces the question of whether Paris should have intervened in the CAR, where a significant percentage of the country’s citizens view France’s intervention as a form of 21st century neo-colonialism. France was clearly naïve to believe that deploying fewer than 2,000 troops to a destabilized nation bordering on anarchy and awash with arms would restore stability.

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To Fulfill New Year’s Wishes, France Needs to Boost Revenues

MADRID | By Julia Pastor | France just started to go through its new year’s checklist. President Hollande announced last week budgetary cuts of €50 billion for 2015-2017, in addition to those €15bn revealed in September. The country urgently needs to increase revenues and it could do it via the sale of state-owned companies stakes such as a French and European reference like Airbus.

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Rajoy and Hollande Team Up For Euro Zone Banking Union

MADRID | By Julia Pastor | Amidst their talks about economic policies and speed railway connections between Spain and France, both Mariano Rajoy and François Hollande met in Madrid on Wednesday. However, the visit bottomline is to seek for a common stance on banking supervision.

Youth unemployment

Much to do against youth unemployment

MADRID | By El País | A total of €6bn for 6 million unemployed young Europeans. The plan presented by Germany and France is a response to an absolute emergency. But for it to work, it must be supported by a collective will.


After stagnation, a change of scene for French economic policy?

By CaixaBank research team, in Barcelona | France's statistics institute confirmed the French economy's stagnation in the first quarter and the year-on-year rate of change stood at 0.3%. In April, the economic climate indicator worsened and, in May, most leading indicators showed this decline getting worse, affected by the economic uncertainty, particularly due to the euro area crisis. The economy is therefore likely to continue slowing down in the second…

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Obama’s three counter-austerity darts

NEW YORK | U.S. President clearly sided with pro-growth Europeans remarks in his final NATO summit remarks on Monday, urging the Old Continent to strenghten its defenses against financial market turmoil and recapitalize its banks. In a nutshell, these were his three darts. Yes to a monetary policy “We’ve got to make sure that there is a growth strategy to go alongside the need for fiscal discipline, as well as a monetary…


IMF reports 70pc of Spain’s banking system already cleaned up

By Julia Pastor, in Madrid | The idea of a suffocated Spanish banking sector spreads like fire throughout the markets: Bankia’s nationalisation, Moody’s cut, the French president François Hollande advising to recapitalise the sector… But the International Monetary Fund will publish next week a report that assures 70% of Spain’s financial entities are already restructured. This news should help tame and perhaps even extinguish the flames. Analysts at Madrid’s financial City also…