We need to be capable of making a valuation of the intangibles in the new economy

“Not Recognising Intangible Assets Is Creating Huge Amounts Of Goodwill”

“Goodwill only appears with the acquisition of a company. Not if you just grow organically, which makes comparisons difficult. Skype paid 2.6 billion dollars for eBay and goodwill was 2.3 billion. We need to be capable of making a valuation of the intangibles in this type of company,” explains Anne Jeny, member of the Management Committee of the European Accounting Association.


“Brussels Is Asking For Less Complex Accounting Regulations”

Fernando Rodríguez  | Peter Walton, Emeritus Professor at the Open University Business School thinks that “regulations which were drawn up for Deutsche Bank cannot work for a small company that manages three supermarkets in Birmingham”. The solution would be to divide the market up.