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Investment and productivity in Spain remain stagnant, according to McKinsey

In the report entitled “Investing in Productivity Growth”, the consultancy points out that data for Spain shows that since 2012, labour productivity growth has been 0.4%, compared to an average of 0.5% in the rest of the major European economies, and 1% in the United States. Spain, the report points out, has had a sustained low productivity growth for a quarter of a century – only in Italy has it…


In 2023, investment in fixed capital grew by 0.9% in the euro area and, in Spain, by 0.6%

Oriol Aspachs (Caixabank Research)| Investment is back in the spotlight. It is becoming increasingly clear that the rapid rate of technological change and the emergence of new countries with the capacity to compete globally, especially China, will leave those economies that fail to update their productive fabric behind. Moreover, this is happening in a context of growing distrust of multilateral institutions and, in general, between the various economic blocs. Even…

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Qatar Investment Authority secures majority stake in IAG

By Sean Duffy | MADRID | The announcement on Friday of the Qatar Investment Authority’s purchase of 9.99% of IAG is the latest flexing of financial muscle from the Gulf state. QIA continues to grow its portfolio in Europe, having already invested over €13bn in Spanish companies since the beginning of the crisis.

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Investors See Spain As No-Brainer, Juicy Risk

THE CORNER TEAM | As the euro zone crisis shakes off a recession, investment opportunities are mushrooming across the South of Europe. In Spain, banking and media sector as well as infrastructure are the preferred bets. “As maximum exposure recovery in Europe’s periphery, FCC is ideal. Just don’t think about the downside,” the Financial Times’ Lex argued on Friday, after millionaires George Soros and Bill Gates have both bought stakes in the indebted construction company in less than three months.