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The EC rejects Italy's budgetary plans

Why We Should Worry About Italy’s Coalition Talks

The two parties that are about to form the next Italian government are driven by a profoundly anti-democratic culture. Their claim to so-called direct democracy exercised via the web on a platform owned by a private company is not just a staple of populism, but an attempt to fuel general discourse against any party in the name of the people.

Italy's economy entering a crucial period in its Euro membership

The ‘antiestablishment’ pact in Italy augurs a rise in the country’s public deficit

Paula Sampedro (Link Securities) |There are various fronts open on the political front during this week. Specifically, the Italian political parties La Liga (extreme rightwing) and the Movimiento Cinco Estrellas (anti-establishment) are expected to present their programme for government to the country’s president Sergio Mattarella, after reaching an agreement to form a new government in Italy.