Janet Yellen

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Janet Yellen is ‘branded’

SAO PAULO | By Marcus Nunes | We know that over the next 10 years things only got worse and only got better when Volcker decided that to “live with inflation” was not a good deal. And things really improved when the Fed managed to keep the economy tracking a stable nominal trend level path.

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Janet Yellen: “Honored” to Become Next Fed’s Boss

THE CORNER | As expected, U.S. President Barack Obama appointed Janet Yellen as the Federal Reserve’s next leader, the first woman in the 100-year-history of the central bank. Among her first words: “More needs to be done to strengthen the recovery,” even though progress has been made, and: “too many Americans still cannot find a job and worry how they will pay their bills and provide for their families.” Were those hints about how she will deal with QE? Although she is considered a dove, some analysts believe that is a bit overstated. Anyway Obama called her “tough”,  joking that it was not just because she was born in Brooklyn.


Janet Yellen: Here’s The Next Most Powerful Person in the World’s Economy

NEW YORK | By Ana Fuentes | If the Senate agrees and everything goes by the script, President Obama will pick Janet Yellen as the Federal Reserve’s next leader on Wednesday, the White House said. Ms. Yellen, 67, has been the Fed’s vice chairwoman since 2010 and would be the first woman to run the central bank. Among her first tasks is how quickly to wind down the U.S. expansionary monetary policy. Will she take even more aggressive measures to boost growth? If so, how will markets react?


Can Stanley Fisher sit on Bernanke’s chair?

THE CORNER’S FRIDAY WRAP-UP | Buffet says that only Bernanke should take the Fed’s seat and Janet Yallen seems to be the best positioned candidate. But what if this is all a Fed’s manoeuvre?