Juergen Stark

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Stark: “Spain proves risk premiums fall with austerity”

As published by the German newspaper Die Welt, chief economist of the European Central Bank Jürgen Stark believes that Spain is a good example of how a country can reduce its risk premium by implementing the right adjustment measures. The Spanish daily Expansión refers to his declarations in Monday’s edition. “In an interview given to the German paper, Die Welt, the member of the ECB points out that ‘Spain and other countries…

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World left tweeting after a stark resignation

LONDON | For the European Central Bank (ECB), Mr Juergen Stark’s resignation from its executive board on Friday was a “personal” matter, and judging by the reaction on the markets that description turned out to be fitting: at 4:00 pm, the euro was trading against $1.37, down 1.6% and at its lowest level since the end of February. “No wonder,” as international financial markets, HF expert and Webster Finance Professor Jacob…