Is Lenovo a threat to US national security?

ASIA-PACIFIC COMMENTS by Ray Kwong | If China’s biggest PC maker gets the nod to buy Motorola’s handset unit and IBM’s low-end server business for a total of US$5.2 billion, it will become the world’s 800-pound gorilla of information tech. If it doesn’t, only CFIUS will know why.

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Haier’s Lesson for China

Iris Mir |Chinese brand Haier went from a disastrous inefficient brand to the world’s biggest household appliances manufacturer thanks to its CEO, Zhang Ruimin, innovative entrepreneurial thinking. The ideal scenario for China would be that many local brands could achieve Haier’s reputation and capacity for innovation. And thus they’d become Ambassadors of a new made in China, most sophisticated and exclusive. A substantial consolidation of domestic demand and the development of a new industrial structure may be paving the way for this dramatic transition to happen.

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Lenovo expands capital in Spanish branch

MADRID | Lenovo, the Chinese PC giant, recently carried out two capital injections in its Spanish subsidiary. According to the business daily Cinco Días, on April 24 there was a capital increase of €36 million, with the total capital subscribed resulting in €37.47 million. A few days earlier, the company had made another injection of capital of €1.29 million. Isla Ramos, CEO of Lenovo in Spain, explained that such capitalisation is linked…