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Telefónica And Liberty Global Team Up In The UK, Becoming The Strongest Supplier In The Country

Telefónica has finally reached an agreement with Liberty Global to merge its UK businesses, O2 Holdings and Virgin Media UK respectively, and form a 50/50 joint venture. The merger would make the new group the UK market leader with a 34% market share compared to BT’s 32%. This integration is the largest transaction in Telefónica’s history. Whatsmore, it will always be remembered for having happened in the midst of the restrictions determined by the confinement in the two countries.

The sale of Telefonica's share in 02 is unblocked

Telefónica Would Rather Merge Its British Subsidiary With Liberty Global Than Go Public

The company acknowledges that it is in the process of negotiating with Liberty Global for a possible integration of its assets in the UK, but there is no guarantee this will be successful or that the final terms will be met. Liberty Global offers pay television, broadband and telephony services in the UK through the Virgin Media brand. In addition, it has a mobile virtual operator or MVNO based on British Telecom’s network that expires at the end of 2021 (which would have already negotiated a switch to Vodafone).