liquidity trap

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Eurozone: fundamental flaws

MADRID | By JP Marín ArresePotential mismatches between overall demand and supply can provide rather upsetting lessons. As Keynes proved, sticking to stability policies in a recession only widens the gap as slackening demand and production drag each other down in an endless spiraling circle. Moreover, he cast serious doubts on the strategy of combining loose monetary policy with balanced budgets  for putting the economy back on track. His liquidity trap theory mirrors Draghi’s current warnings on the ECB’s limits in coping with a huge GDP gap.

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European Hunger Games: The Threat of Importing Deflation From Emerging Markets

By David Denton via The Richter Scale | For anyone who was growing up in the 1970s there is a short list of things that one has to be concerned about:  The music of The Bay City Rollers, the instant pudding – “angel delight”, playing rugby against the Welsh and inflation. Although the oil price shocks affected all industrialised economies inflation had a particularly severe impact on the UK, we quickly became known as the sick man of Europe.