The ECB easing fails to fly

MADRID | By JP Marín ArreseJust cast a look at the dismal performance of the medium-term targets of LTRO liquidity tenders, that amount to barely a fifth of the amount pumped in three years ago. 

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Will ECB credit boost work?

MADRID | By J.P. Marín Arrese | Mario Draghi unveiled the requirements to be met for drawing cheap money from the targeted long-term facility on Thursday. Those look extremely loose and scarcely demanding. Banks may cash up to 7% of their net lending to businesses and households in the auctions scheduled later on this year. A move that could lead to a massive €400 billion funding injection, should bidders make full use of their potential rights. Borrowing four-year tranches at interest rates so low as 0.25%, seems indeed an unbeatable incentive. 

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Draghi is in trouble: credit still doesn’t flow in the periphery

MADRID | By Francisco López | The ECB President announced with fanfare last month a battery of measures to revive the credit in the EZ. The problem is that the open bar announced by Draghi won’t have an impact on loans until 2015 and, meanwhile, credit fall continues to accelerate in some peripheral countries, especially in Spain and Italy. There are those who believe that the latest data could force Mr Draghi to approve a direct debt purchase program before year’s end. 

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The TLTRO clashes with the old LTRO

MADRID | The Corner | The liquidity net increase of the new measures by the ECB may be substantially less than expected, because of two main reasons: as a consequence of the 3-year LTRO maturity next December and February, and due to the improvement in the workings of the money markets.

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EU banks still owe €450bn from last LTRO

MADRID | The Corner Team | Eurozone’s banks have yet to pay back €450 billion from the 2012 long-term refinancing operation or LTRO. Executive Director in Global Cash Equity Sales at JP Morgan Hugo Anaya maintains a positive outlook and believes that even the P/E re-rating in the Euro stock exchange may continue.

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Draghi, Open to More Long-Term Loans

The Corner Team | ECB’s President Mario Draghi opened the door to providing more money to eurozone banks in order to keep market interest rates low and ensure the recovery, which finally seems to be picking up. His comments have been like fresh air to Europe’s banks, which face another stress test in the coming months.