Mario Monti cannot hide forever

LONDON/MADRID | Finance-wise, Italy is unnerving some of its neighbours in the periphery of the euro zone. Particularly in Spain, government officials wonder aloud about the unfairness of the whole situation: while yields of the Spanish 10-year sovereign bonds time and again cross the 7 percent frightening barrier, Italy managed last week to sell €5.25 billion in debt of various maturities at much lower interest rates in most of the…

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The Spanish dream: let’s break the vicious circle of sovereigns and banks

By Julia Pastor, in Madrid | On Tuesday, financial analysts at Link Securities commented that “Spain would be in the spotlight of present week political contacts”, of course, in a clear reference to the G-20 meeting at Mexico. “Discussions held there will largely focus on the country’s situation.” And that is exactly what has happened. Spanish president Mariano Rajoy arrived in Mexico with the aim of putting on the table…