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European earnings

European companies are now guiding earnings expectations upwards

MADRID | The Corner | One of the tactical indicators of Morgan Stanley, the “MTI” is giving a strong buy signal of European equities. In addition, outflows from Europe have been extreme. Thus, Morgan Stanley analysts expect the consensus to revise the benefits upwards from now on for the first time in 18 months. 

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Repsol, Inditex among 64 European stocks ​​recommended by Morgan Stanley

MADRID | Morgan Stanley in Madrid released an investor note on Tuesday with some recommendations, and we spotted a couple of Spanish companies (always on the bright side, we know…) “We propose the following basket of 64 stocks ​​(Nifty Fifty +) with the intent to replicate the behaviour on the original list (Nifty Fifty) for the years 60/70 in the U.S. “The criteria we used for this stock selection exercise are:…