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New EU regulation to fund green industry will counter risks of relocation due to foreign subsidies

Morgan Stanley| According to a Bloomberg report, the German chancellor and his party will ask the EU to create a joint financing system to help compete against green energy subsidies in the US. The article also referred to increased subsidies for batteries, green hydrogen, and increased deployment of clean/green technologies. A positive market reaction is expected, especially from stocks benefiting from a European version of the Inflation Reduction Act to…

net zero emissions

The Reality Problem Of Net-Zero Ambitions

Today is Environment Day and it is time to take stock of how the private sector is contributing to reducing the carbon footprint. Greenhouse gas emissions play an important role in global warming and, although business has long been trying to reduce them through energy efficiency programmes and similar initiatives, the urgency of the climate crisis is raising the bar significantly. In this article Roland Rott, director of La Française Sustainable Investment Research, analyses the real problem in achieving net zero carbon claims.

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Net Zero – Idle Promises?

Eva Cairns (Aberdeen Standard Investments) | Growing numbers of countries, cities and companies have pledged to become net zero by 2050 to meet the goals of the Paris agreement. Estimates suggest, collectively, these net-zero pledges represent nearly 25% of world emissions and 50% of global output.