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Brussels Approves Spain’s Recovery Plan, Which May Receive The First 9 Billion In July

This approval will allow Spain to receive as early as next month, after Ecofin’s approval, 9 billion euros as an advance on the 69.5 billion requested. (The rest of the NGEU funds allocated to Spain, up to 140 billion euros, are loans and have not been considered for the time being).According to Brussels’ calculations, Spain should receive another 10 billion euros before end-2021, although this delivery will be subject to the fulfilment of almost fifty objectives. After that, Spain will be able to release new tranches every six months, as it meets a series of targets agreed with the European Commission.

German Constitutional Court

The German Constitutional Court Has Unblocked Germany’s Ratification Of The Next Generation EU Fund

The German Constitutional Court has unblocked Germany’s ratification of the Next Generation EU, the €750 billion European recovery fund with which the Union aims to boost the European economy. The German TC has dismissed the appeal lodged by a group of German citizens because it considers that the consequences of the preliminary blockage would be more serious if it were subsequently declared constitutional than if it were to go ahead and eventually be found to be unconstitutional.

EU Next Generation

SURE May Be Ready, But Next Generation EU May Make Noise Before Helping

The EU’s SURE programme, providing loans to help finance short-time work (even retrospectively) is in high demand. The recovery fund “Next Generation EU” was the big deal this summer. But more complicated news may be next, points BoA Global Research. Technical details and national approval processes are not completed and could be the source of less reassuring headlines, explains the firm.